Non responsive home button iPhone4


For sometime now like many others I have fell victim to a partially non-responsive home button on my iPhone. This problem seems to also be affecting users of the 4S. Apple even acknowledges there is a problem with the iPhone’s Home button. But there may be a simple fix!

home button non responsive wd40 apple cor

The symptons of a non- responsive home button are, it seems to work perfectly one moment and a little later you find your self tapping it several times to get it to respond. Initially to resolve this problem I bought myself a replacement button and was all set to replace it, until I found out that the iPhone needs to be totally stripped to replace it!

So I have put up with it for the past couple of months. Until I read an article this morning suggesting the solution to this problem is WD40. I was slightly apprehensive spraying my iPhone with WD40, But ended up doing it. and guess what..! Its FIXED, I now have a fully functioning responsive home button again.

Wd40 iphone home button

To apply I sprayed a small amount directly on to the home button and worked the button by tapping it and moving my finger in a circular motion to make sure the WD40 was working its way through, taking extreme care that the liquid did not go near any of the connectors at the bottom of the iPhone, I did this twice and instantly the home button came back to life!

Please note I do not recommend doing this to your own iPhone, But do so at your own risk.

If like me you’re out of warranty, and you’re happy with spraying WD40 onto, and indeed into, your iPhone then this seems to be a solution that works.

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